OOHC is having a Wine Raffle to support our charitable activities. the draw is on October 10, 2019. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

First Prize: 20 Bottles of Assorted Wine
Second Prize: 10 Bottles of Assorted Wine

Tickets are $10 each and 3 for $20.

Must be 18 years of age to buy a ticket(s)

Tickets Printed: 1250.
License: LGA-7802-RF-32171.

To Buy Tickets:

  • Send an email to raffle@ourownhealth.ca

  • Leave your name and contact information at the OOHC desk and a Board Member will contact you.
    Please do not call the clinic to purchase tickets. They will not be sold in this manner.

OOHC recognizes that not everybody should drink alcohol.
Feel free to buy a ticket if alcohol is not a problem in your life.
We urge only safe and moderate consumption of alcohol.
Please drink responsibly.